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Welcome to my Blog!

Since I started this page several years ago, I thought about creating a blog, but I wasn't sure exactly what content might be of general interest. After much thought, I think I have an idea of what I'd like to share.

Photography is all about telling a story. Many times that story is quite simple and tells itself. Other times the back story also needs to be told. It might make the photo more interesting or sometimes just provide some context.

When those stories need to be told, you'll find them here. 

Thank you for visiting my site!

A. Jones - Photographer

P.S. - So yes, there's a story behind this photo.  It was taken at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge outside Lake Placid, NY. They had this near bear enclosure which was not open to the public yet but along with a group I was with, we got to spend some time photographing the pair of bears. She technically wasn't sticking her tongue out at me, I think (haha). She had her tongue out for about 15-20 seconds and it made for a great capture.